Hi, my name is Viktoriya.

I grew up in Ukraine in a big family of 9 women. We had no men to help us, so we learned to do everything ourselves. It also shaped our characters, for us to be independent and strong (as well as stubborn!).

Since my mom had my sister and me as a widow, we had a tight budget with no extra cash to spare. As children, we learned various skills to earn a bit of pocket money. I was only about 8 years old when my grandmother taught me to crochet, the only stitch that she knew how to do. I wanted to learn more, so I took a book from the library and taught myself the more complicated stitches.

When I was about 12, my mom taught me to knit, and I started to make gifts for my friends’ birthdays. Over the years, my skills grew and even now I still enjoy working with my hands, even though there is no need for that extra bit of pocket money. I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it for you.

Now I live in Brooklyn, New York with my husband and two kids. We ship and make everything from our home and it really is a team effort that we participate in.